Shop Until You Drop: In Search of the Perfect Dress!

On September 7th Mom Snell and I headed off to meet one of Ashburn’s newest recruits, Kylie and her mom, at 10am to head out on a treasure hunt for dresses. We decided to head to Manassas in search of the perfect dress for both Kylie and me. Mom and Dad Snell had done recon in Ashburn the Thursday prior and found that most of the dresses in our area may be too big for us.

Nothing says 'sisters' like shopping!

We found ourselves in the Manassas Salvation Army. Kylie and I had one cart and we went to look around in the scarves, shoes and clothes. Mom Snell and Mom Schneider went to the dresses. By the time we were at the dressing rooms we had one cart over flowing with dresses and a second one with a few in it. Yes ladies, we know how to look and find treasures.

Kylie and I shared a dressing room because there were a lot of ties, zippers and bows to tie. We needed to help each other. I even tried on a white wedding dress because I wanted another white dress. It was too big, but it was fun to try on. We were both able to find perfect dresses with a little altering. The Moms were also able to find perfect dresses. Kylie and I also found scarves. The shoes we had to leave because as Moms know, heels can be a problem when doing a lot of walking.

We had lunch and found out that both Kylie and I are left handed and both love mac and cheese. If was fun getting to know a soon to be new Sister and learn we have lots in common. Then it was off to several more thrift stores in search of more treasurers.

When we finally made it home, it was 5pm. It was a long day, but a wonderful day. I hope next shopping day more of my Ashburn Sisters will be able to go. Nothing says sisters like shopping….

In Rainbow Love,

Samantha, Faith
Ashburn Assembly 11

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