My First Rainbow Events

By Kylie

Well, it all started as a normal day, then my mom dropped me off at Mom Erin’s house where I went to my very first Grand Visitation.  They were initiating two girls. It was cool to see them get initiated.  I watched and learned a lot.  At the end, we had a lot of food. The cake had candy in the middle of the rainbow. 

Then we got in car and left to go to the big dance.  It was the best dance EVER!!!  I danced with my Rainbow Sisters, Samantha, and her friend Alexis.  We were eating a lot of food. There was a lot of food.  We were running around a lot.  They had the fog machine on too high, but it was a lot of fun.

I had a great time that night, and I look forward to more fun stuff with my Ashburn Assembly.

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