Love for Lucky Cabin No. 2

My first Retreat as a Rainbow Girl was the weekend of August 3rd and 4th, 2013. We had to get up really early to meet at Mom Erin’s house. I am so glad I got to sleep while Mom and Dad got to stay awake and drive me there. Mom Erin drove Darby, my Mom, and me down to Jamestown. Mom Suzanne drove Mallory and Cameron, in a separate car.

It was a long trip, but worth it when we got there. There were so many girls from all over. Yes, I was a little afraid at first because we were all placed in different cabins. Parents were across the grounds in cabins by themselves and we were on the same side as the activity building. I did have a Sister I knew in my cabin from Manassas, Abigail (we play Mind Craft together) the other Sisters were Sarah, Rachal, Christine, Anna, Taylor, and Abbey (a pledge). Cabin 2 was Lucky Cabin 2. We put a sign on our door with our names on it.

I got to sleep on the top bunk bed, which was fun. We made necklaces out of dominos as a craft. We ate lunch under a big pavilion and it was fun to see everyone. When it came time to swim in the pool it started to storm so we had to get out and wait for the storm to pass. We played War in the cabin while it rained really hard outside. When the storm passed we ate dinner. We did get to go in the pool for a short time before our meeting.

We had a meeting after swimming and talked about how people look in person, in pictures, magazines, and movies. We listened to songs about looks. We told everyone one thing we liked about ourselves. We played with musical instruments (there were so many of them). We got to try different ones. It was fun and we made lots of noise. We ate s’mores by the campfire and sang songs.

I did get a little scared before bedtime, but Sarah took me back to the cabin and we played cards before bed. The morning seemed to come early and I’d made it. I gathered all my stuff in one spot to pack up. We had a big breakfast together and took pictures to remember Retreat. It was time to say ‘see you later’ to all my new Rainbow Sisters and hope to see them soon. We had to load up and leave camp.

There was so much packed into a short time, but I will never forget my first Rainbow Retreat and my Sisters who helped me make it through the night safely.

Thanks Lucky Cabin 2!

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Samantha, Sister of Faith
Ashburn No. 11

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