Best Rainbow Retreat Ever!

Silliness in full swing at Retreat

Silliness in full swing at Retreat

After attending 5 Retreats, I was a bit hesitant to go this year thinking it would be too much like those in the past. But then I got there, and actually had the BEST time EVER. A massive thunderstorm hit around noon and rained out some of our scheduled activities, so to pass the time (at least until we were in lockdown because the storm was THAT bad) we danced in the rain and squealed while we got soaked. Mary drew on my right hand with Sharpie during our craft activity, and I drew on my left. We got the chance to go to the river to visit with Jeanna, Micaela, and Andi, but then the storm hit. Poor Kathy got a concussion after a mishap when playing in the rain, so she had to visit the hospital for a bit.  :'(  Thankfully she returned just as dinner began and was showered with happy squeals and lots of hugs. We are so glad she is okay.

Mary and I listened to music during down time and bonded with the other girls. We had pool time later that night, where I taught Mary to dive. Now she’s a pro! XD  A drum circle with music therapy was awesome; so was archery and laugh therapy. My sides hurt from laughing so hard! XD  We also had a lot of fun at the bonfire, where we ate s’mores and tried not to be bitten by too many mosquitoes. XD  That was all in one day! The next day, we woke up at around 7 or 7:30 to get ready for breakfast and to pack our things. Then we ate breakfast with the other girls in the meal hall. Fredericksburg and Richmond had their meeting to plan the GV (no spoilers, but it will be pretty awesome!) and all of the Virginia Rainbow Girls took a picture in front of the bell. Fredericksburg took a picture in front of the river on a picnic table. After sweeping and cleaning the cabins and loading our things, we headed off for window shopping with some Grand Executive Board members and Junior Grand Executive Board members. After shopping and eating chocolate strawberries, we went to the Double Tree Hilton in Williamsburg to see where we would be spending next year’s Grand Assembly. (It is SO much better than the hotel we have stayed at the past two years!) Lunch with Rachel, Melanie, Claire, Becca, Mary, Micaela, and Ilana was fun! Then we went for a tour of the hotel’s spaces where we’ll have Grand Assembly 2014.

Finally, we passed out in the car because we were exhausted.

In Rainbow Love & Service,
Grand Charity

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