A Kidnapping in Ashburn Assembly No. 11

The date was July 26, 2013. The victim, Darby, Worthy Advisor-Elect.

We worked very hard not to let her know, but we were going to kidnap her for a late night breakfast. I spent the day with her shopping and didn’t want to let her know that I had plans with our other Sisters to show up at her home that night and steal her away for a late night breakfast at I-Hop in Leesburg. Peyton, Courtney, Mom Erin, Ella (pledge in waiting), Ryan (DeMolay in waiting), Mom Vanessa, Kassidy (pledge in waiting), Mom Snell, and I showed up at her front door, balloons in hand and kidnapped her to celebrate her 14th birthday. Her Mom and Dad would later follow and join us at the restaurant. We all sang Happy Birthday with the staff and others in the restaurant and enjoyed fellowship and fun each other.

Look out for the next Kidnapping Victim….we are just getting started and it doesn’t have to be in the morning any more…..we can show up anytime…..

Submitted by Samantha, Sister of Faith
Ashburn No. 11

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