Richmond and Manassas Installations

On Saturday, July 20th, Jeanna and Julia, Samantha, Lauren, Kensley, and myself drove to Richmond and Manassas to attend their installations. We drove in a three car caravan. I don’t remember much about the drive to Richmond because I slept.

In Richmond, Kathy was installed as Worthy Advisor. Her mascot is the seeing eye dog. Her Grandfather’s guide dog was in attendance too. Kathy was funny and did a great job with her introductions. She talked about her theme, “everyday heroes both human and animal.” Hampton Assembly #2 picked up the Traveling Gavel for having the most girls in attendance. We enjoyed refreshments and balloon animals courtesy of Kathy’s sister, who also did an amazing job singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

Then we were off to Manassas. Dad Joe decided to take the back-way because of traffic. What is it with dads and back-ways? So we drove through several small towns, saw cows and a trailer of hay that looked like it was going to fall over. It was a nice ride and we got to Manassas just in time to get started.

Sydney was installed as Worthy Advisor in Manassas. Her mascot is an elephant and her charity is an elephant rescue shelter. I had no idea there was an elephant rescue. That’s pretty cool. Her gavel ceremony was performed by two of their pledges. They were very cute. We got to keep the “Traveling Gavel” having the most girls at Manassas too. Their food was great and I had a great time at both Installations. I slept the entire drive home.

In Rainbow Love & Service,

Hampton Assembly #2

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