Fredericksburg Installation

Fredericksburg’s Installation was really cool. This was my first time visiting another Lodge and seeing what they do compared to our Assembly. I also very much liked Ilana’s theme of Pooh Bear and the Hundred Rainbow Woods. She said that there are hundreds of Rainbow Girls all across America and that was what the Hundred Rainbow Woods symbolized. She and their Assembly did a nice job for the Installation in my perspective. The girls there were really friendly and nice to be around and they all were wearing the most fabulous dresses. Anyway setting aside my dress addiction, the best part for our Assembly was we got the Traveling Gavel. So awesome we finally got it back. Woohoo! After the Installation was over, we went downstairs to get some food…and shout-out to the one who made those chicken nuggets…they were soooooooooooo good. I want to attack the person who made that with hugs and share cooking secrets. #nerdyflaw  In all, it was fun and I am ready to go to my next Installation.

In Rainbow Love and Service,


Hampton Assembly #2

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