Today, May 25, 2013, is a very sad day for the Manassas Assembly and I. Today a loved one died. Her name is Becky Moose. She was the recorder for the Rainbow for Girls. Everyone loved her. It was sorta hard not too. If you were sad, she could turn your frown upside down. She was very good at making crafts and yummy food. Not only was she good at those things, she was a very good mother and wife. She watched out for her son. “Jimmy do not do that,” she would say. She cared for her rainbow girls like we were her own children. She would be by our sides when we needed her and when we did not even need her. Even if you have never met her, you would have loved her. She will live her life in the next world. We miss you, and we will always have you in our hearts Becky! Keep her husband and her son in your prayers. She would have done the same for you.

Rainbow Love,


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