Happy New Year!

Dear Virginia Rainbow,

We have had a wonderful 2012!  Our membership has soared, thanks to your hard work and enthusiasm. Think about what we have accomplished in the past few months.  We had a successful Scholarship Golf Tournament, had fun with miniature golf, danced at the MCHQWA Ball, marched in the Masonic Family Day Parade, participated in a Jurisdictional School of Instruction, attended Richmond and Fairfax Assemblies for their Grand Visitations, had the fabulous annual Adult Leadership Weekend, had a Grand Representative/ Grand Officer outing, laid wreathes at Arlington Cemetery, and now are gearing up for Installation Season.

Dad J and I had a great time on the trip-of-a -lifetime to the Mediterranean in October.  We visited Barcelona, Toulon, Florence, Rome, Naples, Mykonos,  Istanbul, Athens, and Venice.  That is a total of 5 countries.  The first girl to send me the names of the countries will receive a prize.

Some really good news:  Ashburn Assembly is reorganizing to reopen very soon!  They have several girls committed to the Assembly and more to come.  I’ll keep you informed as the process progresses.

Happy New Year to all,

Mom J


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