Rock Solid ~ Part Two

Recently, Fredericksburg Assembly 12 was contacted by ROC Solid Foundation about another opportunity to build in the area; we were very excited and eager to help out once again with such an awesome organization. This time we built a playground, instead of a “remodel”, for a little 5 year old boy named Dylan who has Leukemia. We had the Cochrane twins, Rachel and Micaela, with Dad Cochrane, The Largents, and finally my mom and me; we were all eager to help! It was a lot different from the other build because we had less people, and only half a day, but because we were all so dedicated, we got the job done just in time. The look on Dylan’s face when he saw the playground made all the work worth it. Fredericksburg Assembly can’t wait for another opportunity to build. Thank You, Roc Solid!

By Andrea Almassy

Fredericksburg Assembly #12

Grand Representative To Louisiana and Vermont

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