Dear People Who Are Not In Rainbow,

Rainbow is so fun!! You do fun things!! You take trips to different cities and fundraisers!! There are carwashes and yard sales. You earn the money for what events you do. After meetings you get refreshments. There are two groups that you get split into by your age. To be in the higher group, you have to be eleven or older. The higher group is called “Rainbow Girls”. To be in the normal group you have to be ten or younger. The normal group is called “Pledges”. It doesn’t matter what group you are in, but you’ll have fun anyway!! We are a new assembly. We collect donations for charity. I love Rainbow!! I hope you’ll love it too if you join. You won’t regret it!!

Fundraisers & Trips!!!

A way to raise money for Rainbow Girls and Pledges is to do Fundraisers or Charities!! Every girl on the program of Rainbow has their own “bank”. An adult that goes to the meetings is a “recorder”. The recorder, at most of the meetings will tell the girls how much money is in their bank. There is something called a “point sheet”. Every fundraiser you do, you get 1 or 2 points for each hour that you worked at the fundraiser. If you don’t go to a fundraiser, you will still keep the money in your bank. You can’t transfer money to another girl’s bank without the Advisory Board’s permission. Any adult can put money into you bank including your parents!!

If your part of the Rainbow program, you can take trips!! If you are allowed to go on a trip with the rainbow girls and you don’t have a ride, someone can drive you. One of the Rainbow adults can drive you. We just took a trip to DC on November 17, 2012!! It was awesome!!! We met at the lodge and one of the Rainbow adults took some of the Rainbows Girls in her car!! For some of the trips, all you have to do is bring some money for lunch and stuff. So, we went to the metro station and paid for our tickets. Then we got on the metro. It was a long, but fun ride. Then we got to DC!! It was a beautiful day to be in DC!! We went to the plant building to look at all different kinds of plants. Then we had lunch. It was good and one of the Rainbow adults made everybody lunch!! It was amazing. Then we went to more museums. They were cool!! Then we went back to the metro station and got on the metro again. We got back to the car and went back to the lodge. I know I was tired, but I don’t know about anyone else!!

I am really glad to be in Rainbow. I was in the Pledges group before, now I’m a Rainbow Girl. In my short period of time being in Rainbow, I sure do love it!!

By a Rainbow Girl Herself, Manassas Assembly LT

~ Taylor

~ Girls in Rainbow ~ Taylor, Alanna, Marina, Sydney, Gigi, Gillian, Kayla, Samantha, Shelby, Selena

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