Dear Virginia Rainbow Girls and Adult Workers,
You gave me the perfect Valentine gifts!  Thank you for all of the Initiations and good works you have done this year, and it’s only February!  Now I have some news for you:
Our own Grand Worthy Advisor, Nicole McLaughlin has been selected to serve as Acting Supreme Love at the 2012 Supreme Assembly Session in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This is a great honor for Nicole and for our Jurisdiction.
Our Grand Worthy Associate Advisor, Lauren Tatro, will carry the Virginia flag in the impressive Cavalcade of Flags at Supreme Assembly.
Micaela, Rachel, and Ilana will play a prelude at Supreme Assembly.  Congratulations!
In addition, our new Assembly in Manassas is organizing quickly. Mrs. Cherry Costis is the Board Chair, and Ms. Nancy Brown is the Mother Advisor.  We can’t wait to have the lovely girls from this group become official Rainbow Girls!
Virginia, you have a right to be proud!
Rainbow Love, Mom J

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