All Gave Some, Some Gave All

Arlington National Cemetery is home to more than 14,000 soldiers who fought in WWI, WWII, the Civil, Korean and Vietnam wars, and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The Cemetery offers a final resting place for our fallen armed forces. Sadly the Cemetery performs anywhere from 25 to 30 burials a day. Every December Worcester Wreath Company in Maine donates more than 220,000 wreaths to be placed on the head stones of all the graves as a way of thanking all of our fallen heroes for giving up everything, although a wreath could never even come close to demonstrating our appreciation for all that the men and women in uniforms do for us. On December 10th Hampton Assembly had the Honor of helping them in placing the wreaths. To be asked to participate in this tradition was an amazing opportunity that we will not soon forget. While we were there a man who was in the Navy was walking near me and I happened to over hear his conversation with his son. His son asked, “How many people do you know that are buried here?” He answered this by saying, “I know about 20 people just this month who have been laid to rest here, 7 of them just last week.” To hear this not only broke my heart but also made me realize that so many people go out to war leaving their families behind to fight for our right to even be able to go home to our families. So thank you to every soldier who was and is still fighting this war.

In Rainbow Love and Service,
Grand Representative to Colorado and New York
Hampton Assembly #2

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