Sadie Hawkins Dance and Carnival

The Sadie Hawkins Dance and Carnival was also held on December 3 in Richmond but was from 7-11. Beginning at 7 was a delicious BBQ dinner. We had Rainbow Girls from each Assembly represented and a few Job’s Daughters who attended from around the state as well as many adults. The Carnival Games were set up around the room. We had a game where you spun a wheel and if you landed on a number, you received a prize, but there was also the chance that you either had to go to jail or win a jail free card. There was another game where you tossed a ball into a hole. If you tossed it in, then you got a prize, except one of the holes was a hole where you were sent to jail if you made the ball in it. If you went to jail, you either used a “Get out of Jail Free” card or had to get a friend to bail you out. I got sent to jail once and I had two girls (Lindsey and Kathy) who came to bail me out. We also had a photo booth for pictures which Claire and I had to do. Lastly, we had a fortune teller. The fortune teller was amazing and people would stand in line for hours to hear their fortune. My sister Kerry and I taught everyone a couple dances, Brigitte taught a dance, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. I was so pleased to have such a great turnout and so glad to see that everyone was having fun. 🙂

In Rainbow Love and Service,

Nicole McLaughlin

Grand Worthy Advisor 2011-2012

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