November Memories

On November 10th, I had the opportunity to attend the Grand Lodge in Virginia. My dad and I went with Mom J and Dad J to the reception where we mingled with the dignitaries. There was an entire room filled with Masons and Dignitaries for the Banquet dinner. While we ate, there were students in the orchestras around the state of Virginia that played music for us. They did a wonderful performance and sounded beautiful. The Grand Master John Chambliss walked around each table introducing everyone. We then socialized before heading to bed. The next morning, we all got up bright and early to give our speeches before we left.

On November 18th, I had the pleasure to attend the Convention for Grand Royal Arch. There was reception for all of the Dignitaries and guests where I had the opportunity to speak with the Grand High Priest Danny Bowman and his wife Debbie. My Mom, my Dad, Mom J, Dad J, and I walk around the Banquet room to attempt to talk to everyone else who had attended. During the Banquet dinner was when the Dignitaries such as myself gave our speeches. There were four out of five young gentlemen from the Virginia Military Institute who received a Scholarship. Once the dinner was finished, I walked up to the new Grand Master Terry Ellison to receive is pin for his year since I did not get the chance to at Grand Lodge, and I also received his wife’s pen. We all mingled until we were forced to leave.

The very next day on November 19th, was the Grand Visitation in Hampton. The Hampton Assembly #2 girls performed the Founder’s Day Program. They did a wonderful job explaining in detail how the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls began and informed everyone what Rainbow was about. During my remarks, the girls helped me fill in the blanks to a story that was then read aloud. Every now and then you would hear a chuckle. Mom J and I were presented with a gift, we took pictures with the girls, and then we had refreshments before returning home.

On the last Saturday of November, Claire rode with me to attend the Job’s Daughter’s Pageant. We had the opportunity to meet Miss Job’s Daughter International Brianna Richards who was from Alberta and the Supreme Bethel Honor Queen Kristi Frazier who was from Oregon. They both sat at our table at the Banquet dinner. Also at our table was Miss Job’s Daughter Maralei Bunn, Miss Congeniality Karen-Anne Liller, Grand Bethel Honor Queen Jamie Marshall, and the Miss Job’s Daughter and Miss Congeniality from Maryland Sierra Cloud. Claire and I then attended the Pageant that was after the banquet. Before the Pageant, the girls voted for Miss Congeniality. There were fifteen girls who applied for Miss Job’s Daughter which was voted on by the judges. The contestants varied from ages twelve to nineteen. They were all very pretty in their formal dresses. The new Miss Job’s Daughter is Kelsey Koser and the new Miss Congeniality is Tasha Cook. Both of these girls will be traveling with me throughout the year around the state so I look forward to getting to know them. Claire and I followed the crowd to the dance and had a great time before we headed back home.

I have made some wonderful memories over the past month and look forward to making more in events that follow.

In Rainbow Love and Service,

Nicole McLaughlin

Grand Worthy Advisor 2011-2012

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