Haunted Temple Day 2

The second day of the haunted temple, we were assigned rooms to work and we still painted faces.  We were all assigned to the bridal room.    We were very busy and had tons of fun scaring people.  Each of the rooms were decorated with skeletons, caskets, and scary creatures that sang and make scary noises.  We were able to turn off the skeletons when we didn’t have customers coming through, they were singing the same song over and over again.


Overall, we all had a really great time.  All of the actors did a great job.  We cannot wait till next year! We not only showed that all 3 youth groups could work together for one united cause but we could have fun doing it, teach people about our Masonic Youth groups and make some money at the same time.


In Rainbow Love and Service,
Grand Representative to NC and PA
Worthy Associate Advisor
Smithfield Assembly No. 5

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