Haunted Temple Day 1

Halloween weekend, October 29th and 30th 2011, Smithfield Assembly No. 5 along with DeMolay from Kempsville and Norfolk Chapter and the Jobies from several area Bethels gathered at Norfolk Masonic Temple on Granby Street for a haunted fundraiser. We had been meeting for months and planning the scary event.

The first day of the haunted temple was so much fun. Our Assembly was assigned to do the face painting. Abbey, Lindsey, Kendra and I dressed up as zombie ballerinas. Michelle was a lady bug, Lauren was a vampire, along with her prospect Lilian. Nellie was a leprechaun and her prospect Sydney (who is now a Rainbow Girl) were vampires. We didn’t have many face painting customers the first night, although Michelle did paint several small children’s faces. Instead, many of us walked through the haunted temple many, many times! The first time I went through I was scared, so I plugged my ears, closed my eyes and held on to Michelle’s arm so hard! What I didn’t realize was that Michelle had her eyes closed too! It was so much fun! It was really scary too.

In Rainbow Love and Service,
Grand Musician
Worthy Advisor Smithfield Assembly No. 5

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