Cowgirl Pledge Party

The Cowgirl Pledge Party was held on December 3rd from 2-4 in Richmond. We had many girls from ages six to ten that were Rainbow Pledges or possible Pledges that attended. As the girls arrived, they decorated and bejeweled their cowgirl hats. We had a few Rainbow Girls help them with gluing. The girls then painted ornaments that they could put on their Christmas Trees at home. We had girls paint a cowgirl, a cowboy hat, a cowboy boot, a horseshoe, and a cactus ornament. They also made flowers that were the colors of the Rainbow. They decorated the flower with stickers and glitter. The Rainbow Girls gathered the Rainbow Pledges and possible Pledges in a circle. We introduced each other and then answered a few questions that were drawn out of a hat that enabled the girls to get to know one another. Before the Pledges and possible pledges left, I taught them a line dance to the song “Good Times” since everyone had a good time at the Cowgirl Pledge Party.

In Rainbow Love and Service,

Nicole McLaughlin

Grand Worthy Advisor 2011-2012

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