Bow Program for Varina Lodge

On September 20th the Richmond girls gathered up at the Varina Masonic Lodge to join the Masons for dinner and do a program for them. Dinner was served at 630 pm; we had fried chicken, potato salad, lima beans and a roll. The meal was very good and quite filling. After dinner we quickly walked into the lodge room to get a quick practice of the program we were to do. After a few “shhss!” we were finally able to go over what we were going to do, and shortly after  it was time to walk into the room with every row on each side filled to the maximum capacity. We walked in gracefully and stood in the front in the form of a bow and sang the rainbow song. Then I, the Worthy Advisor, stepped back to the podium in the east and began my part. It was nerve racking, this being the first time I have done a program as Worthy Advisor, but I was comforted by the fact that no matter what I was surrounded by people who loved me. As each girl said their parts beautifully I looked around and saw all the smiles and was proud of my assembly for the amazing jobs they did. At the end of our program we handed out brochures and then retired out of the room with smiling faces. When a few masons and women walked out we got many complements saying “great job” and “that was beautiful.” All the complements sure made me proud and I know Richmond assembly is proud of the great job that was done that September night.

Grand Fidelity
Richmond Assembly #10

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