We are very excited to report that Virginia Rainbow now has an official Facebook page.  We recognize that we need to be moving forward in technology to meet the needs of our girls and hope that you will go to the site often.  Please be aware this site is OPEN to anyone so you should be mindful and careful what you share. 

With this page we hope to gain interest from prospective girls and of course, new members.  This is where we need your help.  First, go to Virginia International Order of the Rainbow for Girls and “Like” us.  Second, spread the word through your Facebook page to other Rainbow Girls, school friends, family members, etc.  Grand Representatives please ask your counterparts to “Like” us and to leave us a message, that way we can share in spreading the word about Rainbow!  

Our Facebook page will not take the place of our Virginia Rainbow website.  We will concentrate on showing our service to community, our charitable hearts and how much fun we have in our sisterhood.  This will be done through various means.  Occasionally, we will post a question in hopes of getting great participation that will let everyone know what your Assembly is doing, as well as posting pictures showcasing various activites.  You will not be able to Tag our site to post pictures, but will need to send it to the Administrators through email, so we can determine if it is something we want to share.  There will not be any names attached to these pictures.  The Administrators are Cindy and Chelsea Norman and our emails are located in the printed Directory.

So get out there and “Like” us and answer the first question, “What are you doing for the Grand Worthy Advisor’s service project?”

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