Supreme Seminar 2011

My name is Melanie and I went to Supreme Seminar with Mom J (Our Supreme Deputy) and Mom Norman this year which was held in Kansas City. I have learned a lot from the trip, met a lot of new friends, and I flew for the very first time. When I was there we had Sessions learning more about Rainbow and things that could help us in life. My favorite Session was Promoting Rainbow because it caught my eye and gave me good ideas on how to get more girls into our Organization. I also learned about some fun games on getting to know Rainbow Girls, new Pledges, or even prospects like one truce and three lies, popping a balloon and finding out someone’s talents, and a couple others. In one of the Sessions we had to write two paragraphs, one on how to promote Rainbow to parents, and one to the girls. Then we had to stand up and share one of them to everyone in the room. I shared the one to the girls, which I wrote Rainbow has taught me to not be scared to talk in big crowds, to just be myself, and to just have fun. Rainbow is a fun Organization for Girls 11 to 20/21 and it also gets girls ready for life. So I’m really glad and felt honored to support Virginia Rainbow at Supreme Seminar on July 28-31.

Grand Confidential Observer
Grand Representative to Philippines & Guam
Richmond Assembly #10


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