Rainbow Girls Retreat

The Rainbow Retreat was amazing! We all arrived on August 6th, 2011 as all the dads made the cookout possible, and we had a lot of fun team building activities. For example, we had split into two teams and went on the low ropes course to recieve imgianary bananas. After a while , it started to rain but it never dampened our spirits. Pretty much all the girls were playing telephone and rolling over in the rain. Soon, the lifeguards opened the pool and we took turns on the diving boards. An hour later, we had dinner and talked about the “unmentionables”. We also played “Family Feud”. At around 9:30, we sang Rainbow songs around the campfire and had S’mores. As soon as we finished, we went back inside to write letters for Nicole’s Sercvie Project. Her Charity is Operation Gradtitude and for the project we are sending care packages and letters for the soldiers. The cards were all amazing and stunning. The next day, we played tag and took a few last minute pictures. Nicole gave a little speech about the Retreat and we all agreed it was awesome! Some would say, “The Best Retreat Ever!”

In Rainbow Love and Service,


Grand Representative to Maryland and Canada

Richmond Assembly #10

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