“Rainbow Roundup” Beginning

Rainbow Girls, Adults, Mom J, Mom Renn, Grand Executive Board, Richmond Assembly #10, and all! I am so honored to be your Grand Worthy Advisor! Thank you so much for all of your support and for giving me this wonderful opportunity to lead, guide, and have fun with you all on this “Rainbow Roundup” Grand Year.

Congratulations Michelle Baise on a wonderful year! It was a blast traveling with you to Pennsylvania and Maryland’s Grand Assembly. You did a fantastic job giving speeches, getting the youth groups together, and making sure everyone was having fun. I hope to be as great as an influence to the girls as you were to them.

This “Rainbow Roundup” Grand Year has had a great start. Grand Assembly was very fun this year. I got splashed with water at the Charity Splash and danced until my legs were sore. Congratulations Smithfield Assembly on receiving Assembly of the year. You definitely earned it. Keep up the good work. I know many of us were exhausted by the time Monday came around for Grand Installation but I am very proud of all of you girls. The Crowning Ceremony that was performed was beautiful and the first time that I have ever seen it done. Thank you everyone that participated. Congratulatoins to all my Officers. I look foward to working with all of you this Grand Year. I hope to see you all in my travels and I hope that all of you Rainbow Girls will travel too. My first visitation was on Founders Day to the Job’s Daughters Grand Session with Mom J where our very own Jamie Marshall from Fairfax Assembly was selected as Grand Bethel Honor Queen. Congratulations Jamie! I look forward to seeing everyone at all of the Installations that are coming up!

In Rainbow Love and Service,

Nicole McLaughlin

GWA 2011-2012

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