Thank you!

My Year

It is certainly one
of my proudest accomplishments to be Grand Worthy Advisor of Virginia. I
couldn’t have asked for a better year. I was given the opportunity to travel to
Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Alaska, Nebraska and South
Carolina! I have made some of the best friends in the entire world! I have
spoken in front of people and made them smile. I have had food to fill my belly
at every event. I have taken a million silly pictures. I have been given the
tools to succeed in every way and I used them proudly. Thank You Rainbow, for
getting me ready for life!

I consider myself to be lucky.

To every person that
said a kind word to me, to every Smithfield Girl, to every other GWA and Past
GWA’s, to my mentor Marry Hut, to my State Master Councilor, Miss Congeniality
and Miss Job’s Daughters, to all the adult supporters, to every silly picture
and every “Where’s Waldo” aka Grand Master picture, to every broken water
fountain, and the dress I spilled Doc. Pepper all over, to every crazy car
ride, to the time we did the Cotton Eye Joe at the Rest Area, to always being
prepared, to every awkward dance, and especially to every Stanky Leg, to
Supreme Assembly, to every long speech, every bathroom stop, and every quick
change, to every installation, to my Grand Officers, to every mannequin I have
taken a pictue with and every stranger I have friended, to every passing smile
and wave I have received, to every group Facebook chat and all the emails I
have sent out, to our awesome new website, to being caked in the face by
Chelsea Norman, to being embarrassed, silly, goofy, and happy, to every whoopie
cushion and trying on old dresses, to every phone call and missed deadline, to
Dad J for every time he brings Mom J somewhere, to my family, to every time
someone had to cut my steak for me at a banquet, to my Grand Page, to every
twin, and the time the Grand Master put me in his speech, to yelling out the
window, to every Master Mason who gave me a special “Dad” talk, to the Kendra
Hamer one minute finger, to every initiation and every dress I bought, to every
sleep over at Mom J’s house, to the car ride with Mom Renn, to every boy that
gave me a hard time, to sitting in a chair from the 1600’s, to waving at cute
boys, to making a sign that says “We love our troops, Thank You” to put in the
window to show a soldier while driving, to every man dressed as a bag of sugar
and every silly hat, to frightening amusement parks, to being dragged down a
water slide, to eating sand on accident and every time I laughed, to every
stuffed animal I received and named, to every quote or saying I gave, to every
time I felt loved and proud, but most of all, To the International Order of the
Rainbow For Girls, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Dianna Michelle Baise

Stand Out, Be You, Be True!

Grand Worthy Advisor

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