Spaghetti Dinner


One of the most memorable Rainbow events I have been to was the spaghetti dinner held by Tidewater DeMolay.  When we first walked into the room (Kayla, Kendra and I) it was decorated so beautifully.  It looked like a real restaurant!  First, they served us our drinks, then our salads.  Then they served us our spaghetti.  It was amazing spaghetti.  My favorite part though was the huge dessert bar.  We all ate brownies, mini cupcakes and cookies.  They also had entertainment.  We went to the lodge room and listened to singing.  It was very good.  Later on our GWA, Michelle showed up.  She challenged me to a pepper eating contest.  We both took red peppers and took a big bite out of them!  It was so funny because Kayla came over and told Michelle that she smelled.  Michelle said, “like what?”  “Like … peppers!” Kayla said.   We were laughing so hard!  It was such a fun night and definitely something I will never forget. 

In Rainbow Love and Service,

Stevie, Smithfield Assembly No. 5

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