Delaware DeMolay and Shriners!

VA DeMolay State Officers and GWA

What greater way to show the Masonic Family bond then with a combined Shrine and DeMolay Installation. On January 14, I had the pleasure of attending Delaware’s Shrine and DeMolay State Installations. This was such a wonderful experience and exciting event. What made it so great is that the Potentate Elect and State Master Councilor Elect were father and son. It was wonderful to see both of these ceremonies combined into one. DeMolay came from  Virginia, New Jersey, and Maryland to support their Brother Chris (State Master Councilor) and the Shriners. What is even more crazy is that Delaware does not have any Rainbow Girls! So of course I had to go! I made tons of friends and memories that will last a life time, and I represented Rainbow astonishingly! Congratulations to the Potentate of Delaware Shrine, Mr. Ruby, and State Master Councilor of Delaware DeMolay Chris.

In Rainbow Love and Service,

Michelle, Grand Worthy Advisor

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