Ritual made fun

Ritual made fun

At one of our meetings we had a Learn your Ritual Night. We went around to different stations finding out different helpful tips to learning ritual. At one station we had some of our majority members come in and tell about how they learned ritual. They  said that after learning the ritual you should say it knowing what it says. Don’t just memorize it, tell a story and put some feeling behind it.

Then we went to one of the parents and she taught us how to project our voice.  She taught us some exercises to better our muscles in our mouth.

We also got some help on memorizing. We each made our own books and we drew pictures to match the words we had to say.

 At our last station we were taught floor work, how to walk right, sit right, and stand right. This meeting was a lot of fun and I learned things that really helped.



Richmond Assembly #10

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