Pennsylvania Grand Assembly

Grand Worthy Advisor PA 2009-2010

Grand Worthy Advisor, Michelle, and I both went to Pennsylvania’s Grand Assembly with Mom J and Dad J. The Grand Worthy Advisor in Pennsylvania Rainbow was Danielle. Pennsylvania’s Grand Assembly was much different than our Grand Assembly. Their Grand Assembly lasted five days but we were only there for the weekend. The Grand Sessions were not held at the hotel you stayed in. We had a driver drive us to the sessions and back to the hotel. Mom and Dad J stayed in a different hotel. Michelle and I stayed with two girls from another state. During Pennsylvania’s “Rock’n with Rainbow” Sessions, the Grand Officers wore white and the Grand Representatives dresses were the same dress except the girls alternated by one wearing blue, another wearing pink, the next wearing blue, and so on. The Grand Choir was full of girls. It was very neat. Every time Michelle and I thought the Grand Sessions were over, they were not. They had time to dance on the Grand floor and have a good time. They had a lot of initiates during Initiation. They also did not have air conditioning so we got pop-sickles in the East during one of the sessions. Michelle said she would like that at our Grand Assembly except they are not needed because we actually have air conditioning. Michelle and I went to two of the events that were after the sessions. One was a dinner and dance that Friday night, but we didn’t stay very long, and the other was a full day at the park on Saturday. We got to ride roller-coasters and go to the pool that had water slides. It was a lot like Kings Dominion here in Virginia but not quite as big and not as many good rides.  While we were there, we met other Grand Worthy Advisors, Rainbow Girls, the State Master Councilor of DeMolay, and Miss Job’s Daughter. I became really close friends with Sarah, who is the Grand Worthy Associate Advisor of Maryland. Others that we met were from Ohio, Rhode Island, Canada, and a few others. Going to another Grand Assembly  is so much fun and I would encourage all of you Rainbow Girls to go to one at least once.


Grand Worthy Associate Advisor

Richmond Assembly #10

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