Manassas & Ashburn Grand Visitation

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Manassas / Ashburn Grand Visitation

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Manassas Royal Arch Dinner

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The Royal Arch Dinner was on April 14th. The girls that were there were Katie, Sydney and myself. We served pork, beans, and coleslaw which were prepared by Mom Nancy. We also had dessert of brownies, cookies, and cake. The Royal Arch members really enjoyed the meal and we each got the chance to make money for our Rainbow banks!

Manassas #13

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Congratulations to Norfolk!

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Norfolk Assembly’s Constitution was on April 9, 2016. It was so awesome. I rode down with Sami and Mom Nancy the night before and stayed with a Rainbow family. It was so nice to meet other Rainbow Girls. I hope that I will be able to visit them again soon. Manassas had a total of six girls attend the Constitution; a really great turnout!

Manassas Assembly #13

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Manassas Competes

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Competitions this year were amazing! There were eight girls from Manassas there: Gigi, Kate, Zoey, Katie, Sami, Delanie, M’Balu, and myself. I competed in three competitions: my age group (Love), Proving an Assembly, and Rainbow Rodeo. All in all Competitions were great!

Manassas Assembly #13

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Richmond #10 Welcomes New Sisters

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I got to experience my first initiation other than my own and it was amazing!  I helped initiate not one, but two girls!!  It was fun to get to know Amber and Rhianna better and to see their smiles when they got initiated.  Rhianna especially was really excited because she wanted to be in Rainbow for a long time.  I think that Rainbow is going to make them very happy and I was really happy to be a part of their initiation.  Our Assembly is so excited to have them as our new sisters!  My favorite part was at the very end when we were all happy shoving cake in our mouths. And Dad Grist even visited and gave the Lambskin Apron lecture!  Good times!!!

In RL&S,
Richmond Assembly #10

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