Hampton visits the Fire Station

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Hampton at the Fire StationToday, Hampton Assembly visited our local fire station where my aunt works. We had so much fun talking to the firefighters and touring the station. I loved seeing all of the equipment they use and hearing some of the stories they have to tell. The Girls and I even got to sit in the fire truck. We got to see their living quarters and we brought them some food to go with their dinner. Just a small gesture to thank them for their service to our community.  We also got to explain Rainbow to the firefighters and they loved the idea of our service work. I hope to go back in the future and see them again.

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Smithfield Assembly Installation of Officers

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Smithfield Assembly Installation

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Grand Assembly 2016

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Grand Assembly started off Friday morning with Grand Cross of Color and Grand Officer practices where we practiced Opening and Closing before an enjoyable lunch. Followed by the Grand Cross Ceremony where Alexis, Ilana, Andrea, and others were invited into the Order. We then had a Grand Officer practice that ran late, but it was worth it for the beautiful walk-in that Julia created. We had other practices for the night and a lovely dinner. We opened the Grand Assembly Session, had many wonderful speeches, and Gigi won The Masonic Youth Award. The next day, we had Initiation and Closing followed by the Grand Banquet where Mom J announced all the new Grand Appointments. The next day we had Grand Installation and all the new Grand Officers and Grand Representatives were installed in their new stations and the Harry Potter term was put into action.
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Hampton Assembly #2
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Springfield Assembly No. 14 Prospect Event Bowling

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