Frank Sinatra Dinner & Dance

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Manassas Hosts Country Dinner

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On April 8, 2017, Manassas Assembly held a Southern Country Dinner and silent auction fundraiser to benefit the special Olympics, which is the Worthy Advisor’s charity. We raised over $1,200 for her charity. Sixty seven people came to the dinner.Set up was at four o’clock, and when I got there people were already putting the decorations up. The color theme was red, white, and blue. We hung bandannas and balloons from the ceiling. We also set out items for the silent auction that we were having.

The adults were cooking in the kitchen while we were decorating. For dinner we served: fried chicken, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, gravy, cobbler or a chocolate chip cookie. Everyone loved the dinner that was made.

Girls that were there: Vanessa, Sami, Katie, Kate, Delaney, Zoe, Zoey, M’ Balu, Batu, Gigi, JoElla, Maribel, and myself.

Adult helpers were: Paula, Ange, Joanne, Louisa, Wyatt, Jean, Debbie, Clancy, Tom, Tammy, and other members of the sponsoring orders.
Other help: Preston

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Ashburn / Manassas Grand Visitation

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Sweetheart Ball

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Hampton Assembly drove far and wide and ended up at the Sweetheart Ball in Fairfax! The northern region put on a fun night with balloons and pink hearts. There was a big turnout and lots of energy. Before it started, two Tidewater DeMolay members played ballon volleyball one of my Hampton Sisters and me. We definitely worked up a sweat! There was fun music, new and old. They also held a lip sync battle and many teams competed but the winner was Mom J’s granddaughter. She was so cute with her sunglasses! The dance was a great time and although I got back home at 3am, it was worth it! I can’t wait to do it again!

With Rainbow love and service,
Lauren Ann

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