Scrapbooking and Swimming

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On June 10, 2017, we met at the Waverly Club Sports Pavilion for scrapbooking and swimming.  The girls who were there included:  Gigi, Joella, Delaney, Mackenzie, Zoe N., Maribel, Zoey W., M’Balu, Batu, Vanessa and me.  The adults who were there were:  Mom Priscilla, Mom Paula, and Mom Louisa.  The event started at 10am and we had lots of fun making pages for the scrapbook and listened to music and talked while we worked.  For lunch we had pizza from Tony’s Pizza in Haymarket.  A little before 2pm we cleaned up the meeting room and got ready to swim.  We all had fun and played at the pool on a hot sunny day.

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Manassas Installation of Officers

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Norfolk Assembly Dad Spotlight: Grandpa Wayne

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I learned many things about Grandpa Wayne during his interview.
Grandpa Wayne joined Masonry in 1973 when he was 30 years old. His motive in joining Masonry was that his father was a Mason when they lived in the Panama Canal zone and one of his uncles, who lived in Milwaukee, was also a Mason.

At the time Grandpa Wayne was stationed on the USS Belknap, he had to find a Lodge to join by finding some Masons. One lesson he has learned through Masonry is ​best stated by Albert Pike’s book, Morals and Dogma of the Ineffable Degrees, where he stated “A Freemason, therefore, should be a man of honor and of conscience, preferring his duty to everything beside, even to his life; independent in his opinions, and of good morals; submissive to the laws, devoted to humanity, to his country, to his family; kind and indulgent to his brethren, friend of all virtuous men, and ready to assist his fellows by all means in his power.”

Grandpa Wayne became involved with Rainbow in 1984 when someone wanted to start an Assembly on the south side of Hampton Roads. The Master of Corinthian Lodge agreed to sponsor the Assembly and in 1985 Norfolk Assembly LT got started.

Outside of Masonry, Grandpa Wayne enjoys woodworking, Rainbow paraphernalia, and cross-stitching.

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Norfolk Assembly Dad Spotlight: Boyd Wilson

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My report about Grandpa Boyd Wilson taught me more about the amazing man we see at every event supporting us.  We talked about how being a Mason has changed his life.  He said that it has made him a better man and lets him learn about the meaning of life.  

I asked him about his interests outside of Masonry.  I found out that he likes to golf and go fishing all the time.  He likes to be outdoors instead of inside all day.  Also, I asked why he wanted to join Masonry.  Grandpa Boyd said that he had the chance in 1954 to become a Mason, but he didn’t.  However, he talked to some of the other Masons and asked them some questions about it.  Those Masons weren’t able to answer his questions, but in 1955, he joined and was able to get answers to his questions.  After that, I asked if he had learned any important lessons through Masonry.  Grandpa Boyd said that he has learned to be a better man, to do good deeds, and help out with charities.  I asked why Masonry is important to him.  His response was that it is the organization and teachings that he loves.  He also said that it has changed his life as a man and that he is better than ever.

The next question I asked was to tell me about his favorite life memory.  Grandpa Boyd said that it was growing up with loving and caring parents and marrying his wife. They have been together for 54 years.  I asked what he did for a living before he retired.  He said that he worked as a painter before he retired.  The last question I asked was what advice he would give to a young man about Masonry.  His response was that it is one of the greatest organizations that any man could join and that they should consider joining because it will help them to understand how to be a better man throughout life.  

These are the interesting things that I found out about Grandpa Boyd and I hope that it will help you to see him in a different perspective.

With Rainbow Love and Service,

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