Richmond Assembly #10 Fundraiser

Posted in Blog on October 6th, 2015 by Casey Humphries

Peachskin fundraiser

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Norfolk Off to a Strong Start

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Norfolk Assembly LT’s first meeting was a success! All of the girls did an awesome job knowing their parts, even though some of the girls have never been to a Rainbow meeting. After the meeting we had donuts and cookies.

I can’t wait until our next meeting!
Rainbow Love & Service,



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This was my first time attending an event at the Masonic Home of Virginia, I’m so proud to be a part an organization that takes care of and provides for the people that once led and provided for us. On September 19th, girls from all over Virginia traveled to Richmond to assist and care for our elderly members at the Masonic Home. We had two girls from Manassas take the two and a half hour trip to Richmond in order to serve with our Rainbow community. The girls helped the members by distributing Bingo cards, candy for the winners, and by calling out the Bingo numbers. The most important thing we did was spend time and listen to our elderly members while they shared stories about their lives. I cannot wait to go back to MAHOVA to learn more about our Masonic heritage and the people who helped form the family we are today.
In Rainbow Love and Service,

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Manassas is Excited for South Notfolk

Posted in Blog on September 24th, 2015 by Webmaster

On Saturday, September 12th another Assembly joined Virginia Rainbow when the Institution, Initiation and Installation of South Norfolk Assembly, LT was held! The ceremonies were beautiful and those participating did a great job. The Mother Advisor, Mom Christi is going to do an amazing job! Five of my Sisters from Manassas Assembly attended with me. We were chaperoned by Mom Paula, Mom Joann, Mom Priscilla, Mom Jean, Mom Nancy and Dad Tom. I think there was a great turn out as there were girls from all over the State that attended. I can’t wait to see your Assembly grow ~~ Congratulations!!

Manassas Assembly #13