Amaranth Bake Sale

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On January 18th, Manassas Assembly #13 hosted a bake sale for the Amaranth at the Lodge to raise money for Katie’s charities, Supreme 2018, and the Supreme Temple fund. I made it to the Lodge just before 7, as I came home late because the activity bus I was supposed to ride home came late. We sold pies, cookies, fudge, bread, and muffins before the Amaranth meeting. The girls who were there were myself, Isabella, Joella, Gigi, Katie, and Sami. We earned $85 to give to Katie’s charities. Go us!

Akshita R

Manassas Assembly

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Springfield Installation

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On January 14th, 2018, Mom Robin, Mom Paula, Katie, Sami, Vanessa, and a prospect, Emma, from Manassas Assembly all attended Springfield’s Installation of Officers. The Worthy Advisor installed was Hannah along with 9 other officers. The Installing Officers did a great job.  They had a wonderful Installation with a very cool crowning ceremony presented by the Masons. Hannah’s charities are the Wildlife Conservation Society and Save the Children Organization. She had a lovely closing speech and I can’t wait to see all the beautiful things she and her Assembly will do this term.


Manassas Assembly

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Manassas Assembly Installation

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On January 13, Manassas Assembly held their Installation. Katie went in as Worthy Advisor. The crowning was done by Erin Pendleton and myself. The Ribbon Ceremony was done by the Pledge Girls. Katie’s charity is Supreme 2018 and the Supreme Temple fund. Her mascot is a deer because it’s her favorite animal from the woods. She got two mascots and named them Scamper and Bucky. She chose the bow stations as her honor stations because she feels they are important lessons in life. There was a dance following the installation. We look forward to a successful term!
Manassas Assembly #13

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Destiny Court’s Installation

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On January 20th, Destiny Court held its Installation of Officers. Of course, being the Installing Musicians, Gigi and I had to be there early. After watching and playing at a very long practice the time for the Installation finally came around.  Gigi, Joella, Vanessa, Katie, Sami and myself got to see our very own Mom Tarren and Mr. Michael get installed in the East, as well as many other of our various adult leaders. The Installation was pretty long, but all in all it was a beautiful ceremony that I’m so glad I could be a part of!


Manassas Assembly



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