Lady Shrine Dinner Service with Bethel 42

Posted in Blog on August 5th, 2018 by Christi Reed

On July 2nd, Kaitlyn, Phoenix, and I served dinner for the Lady Shrine with the help of some of our Jobie sisters. We served pasta with chicken Alfredo sauce. We also served salad. There was an ice cream bar at the end, too. It was very fun to serve dinner for the men and women who came.

In Rainbow Love and Service,

Sarah R

Norfolk #15

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Jobie Installation

Posted in Blog on August 4th, 2018 by Christi Reed

On June 15, Keita was installed as Bethel 42’s new Honored Queen. Kaitlyn, Phoenix, Jordan, Mary, Libbie, Gia, and I went. Keita had an ice cream sundae bar at the end of the installation. It was fun to hang out with our Jobie sisters.

In Rainbow Love and Service,

Sarah R

Norfolk #15

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Massachusetts Grand Assembly

Posted in Blog on August 4th, 2018 by Christi Reed

Massachusetts Grand Assembly started Friday with introductions, after a Formal opening. Saturday morning had a memorial service by the Grand Officers that was ended by bagpipes. After that, was the elections for the new Grand Officers, then we retired for lunch.

 The afternoon session was laid back, and girls went into short skirts and those in the grand rep parade wore shorts. This reminded me of our grand banquet, but calmer and with no food. I was able to be a part of the parade, and though we didn’t win, I still had lots of fun.


Massachusetts was enjoyable, and I had fun just watching their Grand Assembly. 


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Manassas’s Term

Posted in Blog on August 3rd, 2018 by Christi Reed

A Summary of Our Term

This term we have worked so hard and accomplished many, many things. We had an average of 25 people attend our meetings.  We celebrated ­­­­­­­6 honor nights where we recognized supporters of Rainbow.  We held 2 jean night fundraisers in which we raised $190 for the Scholarship Fund and our charities. We initiated 3 new members and have a new affiliated member.  We lost 1 member to majority and 3 that moved out of the area :(. 

We visited every assembly in Virginia at least once….whether it was a meeting, installation or Grand Visitation!  And we attended the Grand Assemblies of at least 5 other jurisdictions!  We visited the residents of MAHOVA  2 different times.

We attended the lodge sponsored super bowl party, St. Patty’s party and Easter party.  We prepared meals for both the lodge and Royal Arch chapter 8 times.  We attended the Amaranth, Eastern Star and DeMolay installations at our lodge. 

We had a large group attend Rainbow Sunday followed by a cookout and kick ball game. 

We held 2 adopt-a-spot events, a lodge clean up and made a meal for the local fire station.  We had many members support the Supreme 2018 star program by purchasing stars that will be displayed at Supreme Assembly.

We had 2 members and 3 adult supporters that received the Grand Cross of Color.

We wrote over 100 articles that were submitted to the state website, a goal I knew we could meet 😊.

We held 3 bake sales that made $315 for our charities.  We held a coin collection competition (which is still underway) but so far has brought in $275 for our charities.  Between the doughnut sale, mystery dinner and silent auction we made almost $2900.00!

We got the traveling gavel all 3 times! 

We have a Grand Flag Bearer, 7 Grand Representatives and 6 Grand Officers ~~ we will be busy again this year!

We had 22 people compete in ritual competitions and we brought home 19 awards! But the award that I am most proud of is ASSEMBLY OF THE YEAR!  I worked hard to achieve it by planning so many activities that would help us get the needed points, however it was achieved because we all worked together.  I am proud of our assembly’s accomplishments and you all should be too.   I cannot stress enough to our upcoming line officers – the path ahead of you will not always be an easy one.  It is not an easy task to lead and to be able to achieve all that we have.  It will take A LOT of your time but in the end you will find it to be worth it, as you will discover a lot of people are counting on you.  I challenge you to keep Manassas on top!  Thank you all for letting me serve as your Worthy Advisor!



Manassas #13

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