Homecoming Grand Visitation

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Homecoming GV Invitation 2015


Please join Richmond and Fredericksburg Assemblies at the Homecoming Grand Visitation for Grand Worthy Advisor, Brigitte Wendel


Everything is Awesome at the Job’s Daughters Installation

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Herndon Bethel #52 invited me to their Installation of Officers which took place on Saturday January 24th. Rachel Babbitt was installed as Honored Queen. Her theme is “Everything is Awesome” and her charity is The Forever Home Foundation. I thought it was very interesting seeing a Jobs Daughters Installation because it is so different from what I’m used to with Rainbow. Although the organizations are very different there are many parallels between the two, such as floor work and squaring your corners. I’m pleased to say I was not the only Rainbow Girl in attendance. There were at least six Rainbow Girls present representing three different Assemblies. Way to show support everyone! I was very impressed with Rachel’s Installation and her message of “Everything is Awesome”. Although I could not stay for much of the reception that followed, I was able to scarf down two delicious cupcakes. I look forward to the next Job’s Daughter event.

Rainbow Love and Service,

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Gifts, Giggles, and Games Galore!

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Visiting a Sister Assembly is always great. You get to meet new Girls and see old friends. As a member of Manassas Assembly, an Assembly still in its infancy, it is always interesting to see how other Assemblies
conduct their meetings. On December 18th, Fairfax Assembly had a Christmas party with a gift exchange. At the Christmas Party, Fairfax Assembly generously provided pizza, cookies, candy, and soda which we eagerly consumed before moving on the gift exchange. The gift exchange was very pleasant until one very lucky girl opened a Visa gift card and then the gloves came off! Girls who had not yet received a present were flocking to Erica, the Worthy Associate Advisor, to steal her precious gift. She would not budge…until she found a better offer! After the gift exchange, all the Girls talked, laughed, and played cards. At the end of it all, it was not the pizza or the gifts that made the party fun; it was the Girls and being able to spend time with my Rainbow Sisters that I will always remember.

With Rainbow Love and Service


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Support the Temple & Tag your Bags!

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Order your luggage tags by March 1st to receive them at Supreme Seminar. Click here for the order form.

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