Success at Smithfield’s Christmas Evening Farmers Market

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Smithfield's Farmers MarketOn Friday, December 11th, 2015 the Smithfield Assembly #5 Rainbow Girls participated in Smithfield’s Christmas Evening Farmers Market! All the girls made a type of pastry or another homemade item to sell, such as cupcakes, cookies and even arm-knit scarves. We made over $200 and all the proceeds are going to our current Worthy Advisor’s charity, FACT Camp for Autism. The market was open from 5-9pm and within those 4 hours we met other Rainbow Girls from out of state, some former Smithfield Rainbow Girls, and a Past Grand Worthy Advisor of Virginia! We also passed out flyers and explained to people what Rainbow is about, along with the other Masonic organizations, and how you could join. Every minute was exciting that evening and I was so glad to be able to do it!

Worthy Advisor Smithfield Assembly #5
Grand Outer Observer of Virginia

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Hampton’s Winter 2016 Installation of Officers

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Hampton Installation

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Job’s Daughters Pageant

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On November 28, I traveled to Williamsburg with some fellow Rainbow Girls from Norfolk to the Jobs Daughters Pageant. It was my first time going. It was very interesting. There were a lot of people there. I even ran into my old friend Allie from Richmond! The tension was very high when they began to announce the winners. Our very own Misha Capuno from Springfield won! After the Pageant they had a dance and snacks.

Much Rainbow Love,
Hampton Assembly #2

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Richmond Assembly is Growing!

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We held an initiation in December for Madi, who we met at Masonic Family Day and who came to our Assembly’s Halloween party too. Madi’s initiation was wonderful. Everyone knew their Ritual and was prepared for their parts. Several Majority members also filled stations and we were very grateful they could help. We even got to sing Happy Birthday to the State Rainbow Dad, Dad Grist, who surprised us by visiting and giving the Lambskin Apron lecture to our newest member. At the end of the initiation, everyone talked, took lots of pictures and ate cupcakes. We are very excited to welcome Madi to our Assembly! We also initiated Sophia a few months ago and Victoria at Grand Assembly, and will be holding an initiation of a pledge in February. Richmond Assembly is growing and we are so excited!


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In RL&S,
Richmond Assembly #10