Friends Forever

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Hampton Assembly enjoys their sleepovers together. We utilize our sleepovers for not only fun, but to help our assembly and Members grow. Rachal and Libbie performed a skit to help the girls with their dance etiquette and how to react when a DeMolay works up the courage to ask her to dance. Following we had a fashion show to thoroughly cover the dress code. After our “more serious” events, we watched a slide show of some of the pictures a kind mason took for us, played some games, and watched some movies, celebrating our last event with Gia, who is moving. She has become a valuable part of this assembly that we will miss so much but we are so excited to see how her rainbow journey continues at her new home. Our assembly is truly a family and are always excited for the next time we get to see each other.

In Rainbow Love and Service,
Hampton Assembly #2

What is Rainbow?

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Army and Navy Lodge asked the youth organizations to have a presentation at their lodge. Tidewater DeMolay, Bethel 13 and Bethel 39, and Hampton Assembly all had presentations at this event. We enjoyed the presentations of the organizations that gave us a hint of what they were about as we also had a presentation showing what Rainbow is. This presentation explained what each station meant to its officer and the organization. It is a beautiful presentation that truly expresses our love for our organization. The Members of Army and Navy Lodge enjoyed and appreciated out attendance.

With rainbow love,
Hampton Assembly #2

Feeding the Homeless with Hampton Assembly

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Recently Hampton Assembly’s main service project, Shelton By the Bay Nursing home (where we played bingo with the residents), has ended do to the closing of the home. Quickly we found a new service project. We have teamed up with Foxhill Central United Methodist Church to feed the homeless. We meet at the church to make sandwiches and put together lunches to take to the streets, along with an assortment of clothing, to give out to citizens of Hampton. It is truly amazing to see the gratefulness on the faces of those we are helping. It is a new kind of fuzzy feeling we have come to love.

In Rainbow Love and Service,11206945_933918596658838_6426515555036903978_n
Hampton Assembly #2

Postcards to Benefit Supreme 2018!

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